International Brew & Beverage Processing Technology and Equipment Exhibition for China

The China Brew China Beverage trade show at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) is the biggest, most international, most professional and most influential flagship liquid food manufacturing and packaging trade show in the Asian-Pacific region and is widely accredited around the globe.

On behalf of BMWi, IMAG is organizer of the official German pavilion. Main organizer of the event is Messe München.

Details zur Veranstaltung

Website China brew beverage
Veranstaltungsort Shanghai, China
Veranstaltungsdauer 13. - 16. Oktober 2020
Turnus alle 2 Jahre
Daten & Fakten Letzte Veranstaltung 2018
Angebot Beer processing technology and equipment: Material handling equipment, Saccharification and fermentation equipment, Filtering and separation equipment, High concentration dilution equipment, Beer micro-brewing equipment - Beverage processing technology and equipment: Material handling equipment, presser equipment, Extracting equipment, Fragrance enhancing machine, Sterilization equipment, Condensing equipment, Mixing equipment - Dairy production technology and equipment: UHT ultra high temperature sterilization, High pressure homogenizer, Separation and fermentation equipment, Aseptic filling machine, Ice cream equipment - Other alcohol production technology and equipment: Raw material handling equipment, Brewing equipment, Distilling and aging equipment
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