electronica China 2018

International Trade Fair for Electronic Components, Systems

electronica China is the leading trade platform for electronic components and systems in China as well as the Asian-Pacific region. Growth of a decade has established electronica China a name for its "high-end applications and technological innovations". A series of international innovation forums addressing important application trends and growth markets offer the electronic community in China the latest industry trends and solutions.

Details zur Veranstaltung

Website electronica China 2018
Veranstaltungsort China
Veranstaltungsdauer 14.–16. März 2018
Turnus jährlich
Erste Durchführung 2002
Fläche 46.000 m²
Angebot General semiconductors, power semiconductor components and moduls, embedded systems, sensors, MEMS, relays, switches and interconnection technology, passive components, motors / drives, cabels, assemblies and subsystems, microwave technology, displays, powersupplies
Zielgruppe Industrial electroncis, consumer electronics, automotive industry, new energy, communication systems, mechanical engineering, computers & peripherals, aviation and Space Technology, medical Technology, military electronics