IFAT Africa 2017

IFAT Africa

Fachmesse für Wasser, Abwasser, Abfall und Recycling: Lösungen für Subsahara-Afrika

Die IFAT Afrika ist eine der führenden Umwelttechnologiemessen in Subsahara Afrika und widmet sich wie die gesamte IFAT-Familie den Bereichen Wasser, Abwasser, Abfall und Recycling.


Water extraction and treatment Water and sewage treatment Water distribution and sewers Refuse disposal and recycling Energy efficiency technologies, services and products within the range of water, sewage, refuse and recycling Decontamination of old sites/soil treatment Air pollution control and noise reduction Measuring, control and laboratory technology Environment management and services Science, research, technology transferWater extraction and treatment


Government agencies, municipalities Public and private city-cleaning companies Energy supply and energy transport companies Commercial enterprises, service providers Planning and engineering offices, experts, scientists and engineers Research and education organizations

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