IRAN LOGISTICS 2019 / Second Edition

International Exhibition of Logistics & Supply Chain, Related Industries and Equipment

Due to the economic development and world trade and the efforts of countries to increase access to world markets, transportation has a special status as one of the key issues in the development of communications and political, cultural and commercial cooperation. In this regard, Iran has a strategic position as the most important trade route between Asia and Europe along the North–South Transport Corridor. Therefore with governmental support, we can play a significant role to facilitate international activities and provide good conditions for the cooperation of logistics companies with hubs of economic and commercial activities in the world.

Details zur Veranstaltung

Website Website IRAN LOGISTICS
Veranstaltungsort Teheran, Iran
Veranstaltungsdauer 31. Oktober–03. November 2019
Turnus jährlich
Angebot Logistics Services Warehousing Equipment & Material Transportation Distribution Logistics equipment Information & communication systems, IT software & solutions Integrated traffic management systems (ITMS)
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