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Grow - The Idea


Growing together as one company - Messe München starts its first Global Development Program “Grow”! ​

The idea is to identify our high potentials across the Messe München Group. Within a customized program the selected talents will get individual development assessments, concrete and detailed ideas for development paths, joint development measures and opportunities to network with their global peers. And of course, their names will be transparent to our Executive Board and international Top Management.​

Let´s get started!


Goals High Potential Development​


Our Career Philosophy

The employees own and drive their own career.​

A career at Messe München is about continuously expanding one's knowledge, skills & behaviours to be a better and successful professional.​

Therefore a career with Messe München can mean:​

Career is the result of individual choice, continuous successful performance, situational circumstances and the availability of positions.​

Target Group​

The program appeals to all high potentials across the Messe München Group - regardless of hierarchy, project or functional levels. From Operator to Senior Manager, from Project Assistant to Cluster Manager/Project Group Leader, everyone who meets the requirements has the opportunity to participate. 

High potentials consistently and significantly outperform their peer groups in a variety of settings and circumstances. While achieving these superior levels of performance, they exhibit behaviors that reflect their companies’ culture and values in an exemplary manner. Moreover, they show a strong capacity to grow and succeed throughout their careers within an organization—more quickly and effectively than their peer groups do.
International Consortium for Executive Development Research and Harvard Business School

High Potential Profile


Performance Potential

Personal Social Skills

Business Skills

Application Process

Identification & Selection Process

Here you see the detailed identification and selection process

Identification and Selection

Program Run

The program starts with a Kick-Off event in Munich, where all selected HiPo‘s meet for the first time: networking and discussing development opportunities will be in focus.

Here you find more content details.

Individual Development Plan

Frequently asked questions

The program appeals to all high potentials across the Messe München Group - regardless of hierarchy, project or functional levels. From Operator to Senior Manager, from Project Assistant to Cluster Manager/Project Group Leader, everyone who meets the requirements has the opportunity to participate. 

The initial impulse for your application could come from various sources: from yourself as a self-nomination, from your line managers or managers/ colleagues from other departments.

In either way, it is you applying with the following documents:

1) A motivational letter (guideline can be found in FAQ section)

2) The filled and signed HiPo profile (template can be found in Download-Section)

After completion, please send the documents to the E-Mail address with your responsible Line Manager and your HR Business Partner in copy.

The formal requirements of the motivational letter are:

  • Max. two written pages
  • In english language
  • Free choice of format
  • Photo

Suggestions for content, for example:

  • Why do I fit into the program?
  • Why do I want to be part of the program?
  • What are my ideas for my development path? Where do I see myself?
  • What is my personal success story at Messe München? Which skills have I applied?
  • What personal contribution would be indispensable for the network?

The Reference Person should be able to assess your performance as well as your potential. Thus, the colleague could stem from a joint project or special assignment you have been working on. Ideally he/ she is in a more senior management position from a different department or location.

The expected schedule:​

​1) End of March 2019: Deadline for applications​
2) May 2019: Potential Check I​
3) July 2019: Potential Check II​
4) August 2019: Final approval and communication of selected HiPo‘s​
5) October 2019: Kick-Off Event in Munich with all HiPo‘s​
6) March / April 2020: Individual evaluation Check Point​
7) September 2020: Second event in Munich with HiPo‘s​
8) March 2021: Final evaluation and next steps regarding development possibilities

If you receive a rejection, you will still benefit from your application: you will get to know your personal strengths through the online tests and in an interview your individual development will be taken care of. And don't forget: simply apply again in the next round! 

According to the open target group, we expect to have a heterogeneous talent pool. Thus, the program will be customized based on individual development plans.

During the Kick-Off event the individual development plan will be created for each participant with regard to the multiple assessments which has been made during the scoring process as well as the own development target perspective.

The discussed development measures are then dependent on the individual needs and conditions of the entity. Only two networking events in Munich as well as a CSR project are mandatory. During the 18 months of the program we will be very flexible and try to dynamically adapt the development activities to the needs of the individuals and the group.

The formats of the development measures range from classroom sessions, online programs to self-directed learning modules.

As the program is individual based it is difficult to sketch the amount of development measures. Yet, you should consider around 8 working days for training and development actions. These measures will be counted generally as working time. Further efforts are depended on your individual engagement off-the-job.

The final identification as a High Potential and the admission to the development program is subject to continuous evaluation. The assessment as a potential can change from year to year. Therefore, there is no automatism with regard to the placement of vacant positions. It is the result of continuous successful performance, situational requirements and the availability of positions.

Nonetheless, participating the program offers you the advantage of a target-oriented development. It opens options by having your name transparent in the HiPo-Pool which will be an interesting source when looking for internal job placements. And, not least, you benefit from an interesting international Messe München HiPo-network.

The selection process will be strictly confidential. Only yourself, your line manager, the reference person and HR will be informed because of their tasks during the selection process. It depends on you if you want to further communicate your application or not. As soon as you are selected for the program, then your name will be made transparent.



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