Messe München is expanding

New Halls C5 / C6 with Conference Center North

As of summer 2016, a new conference center and the two new halls C5 and C6 will take shape in the northeast of the exhibition grounds. The total number of halls available at the exhibition venue will thus increase to 18 as of fall 2018. Embedded in the spacious outdoor exhibition area, the Conference Center North will offer ideal conditions for a wide variety of trade fairs, conferences and events.


  • The groundbreaking ceremony took place on June 28, 2016. At the end of the two-year construction period, Messe München will feature a total of 200,000 square meters of exhibition space and around 400,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition area. This expansion of floor space strengthens the company's position in the international trade fair market.
  • The foundation stone was subsequently laid on December 1, 2016. "We really look forward to being able to use the additional space to meet the urgent demand from our customers," emphasized Klaus Dittrich, CEO and Chairman of the Board.
  • The first major stage has been completed. The building shell is ready, the roof structure set—time to celebrate the topping-out ceremony on June 20, 2017. In a joint effort, Messe München CEO Klaus Dittrich and the representatives of the four trade-fair organizer’s shareholders, City of Munich, Free State of Bavaria, the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of Trades for Munich and Upper Bavaria, pulled up the topping-out wreath. Munich's Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter and Chairman of the Super-visory Board, emphasized: "The exhibition center is helping the entire region prosper." And Klaus Dittrich added: "With the new halls and the Conference Center Nord, we can further consolidate our prominent position worldwide. This secures our future."

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The current state of construction works

Construction work on the new exhibition halls C5 and C6 and the Conference Cen-ter Nord is in full swing. Since groundbreaking on June 28, 2016, the various con-struction stages have been completed step-by-step. To begin with, workers dug the trenches for the utility corridors of both halls. Concrete steel workers have been weaving heavy rods into huge steel grids, which serve as frame structures for the reinforced concrete walls. Gradually, the walls of halls C5, C6 and the Conference Center have been rising in height.

Not far from the construction site, workers pre-assembled the steel girders for the new hall roofs, work that took several months. The girders were then transported to the site with special tracked vehicles. In a next step, the construction team hoisted the altogether 26 roof sections onto halls C5 and C6 by crane.

Then the countdown started for the topping-out ceremony. Green safety nets were stretched underneath the roof girders to enable safe working at the top and on the ground simultaneously.

On June 20, one year almost to the day since groundbreaking, the roof structure was completed on time and adorned with a wreath for the topping-out ceremony.

Messe München

On June 20, the big moment had come: The roof truss was completed on time and adorned with a wreath for the topping-out ceremony.

By the end of September, the maze of cranes gradually thinned out around the shell buildings located in the northeast of the exhibition grounds. A good sign, meaning the new building was coming along well.

Venturing a look into the future Hall C5, the outlines and features of an exhibition hall were clearly recognizable: walls, roof, utility ducts, floor sealing—everything in place and on schedule so far. Hall C6 too was gradually taking shape. Already at the end of the summer break, much of the flooring work was completed, the tracks for the partition walls had been laid, enabling the division of Hall C6 later on. Also the new Northeast Entrance and the Foyer to Hall C6 could be clearly divined and had outgrown the shell construction phase.

Shortly before the onset of winter, the Messe München Construction & Engineering department was able to claim a stage victory: the halls were sealed and thus winter-proof. Nothing stood in the way of continuing the work, especially interior finishing. Accordingly, the work was progressing well through year-end: The floors were completed, the wiring installed, the ceiling lights were already shining and the loading yards between the halls had been paved.

As temperatures rise, so too will outdoor work on the roof and facades be increasingly on the agenda.

The most important news for the moment, however, is that in time for IFAT in May, the exhibitors will definitely be able to use the brand new halls.

Time-lapse film to the new C5 / C6 building

Facts & Figures

  • Additional exhibition space of roughly 10,000 m² per hall.
  • Each hall is 143 meters long and 71 meters wide.
  • The floor space of Hall C6 can be spatially divided by mobile partition walls as needed.
  • An independent conference area accommodating more than 1,000 people is going to take up the hall's front section on the upper floor.
  • The upper floor moreover features three auditoriums as well as numerous smaller conference rooms.
  • State-of-the-art, large-scale glass fronts offer plenty of natural light.
  • The new Messe München halls are served by the subway station Messestadt Ost (U2) and within very short walking distance from the outdoor parking lot.

Destination Map, Messe München is expanding

Questions & Answers

Why does Messe München build two new halls and a conference center?

Capacities currently available at Messe München are stretched to the limits. Especially for the major self-organized trade shows such as bauma, BAU, IFAT and ISPO MUNICH, halls have long since been booked to full capacity. More space is also needed for guest events and conferences.

What is the planned time schedule for construction works?

The ground-breaking ceremony will take place on June 28, 2016. We planned with a two-year construction period.

Will there be disruptions such as noise or traffic obstruction for residents, exhibitors and visitors during the construction phase?

We will make all efforts to minimize the inconvenience for local residents. We do not expect any disruptions or restrictions for the event.

Where can I find further information about the new construction of the two halls?

Find out more about our new exhibition halls on our microsite.