Discover your hero potential: Working Hero pre-sented by bauma

Digital storytelling with the 1st web tv series for the construction machinery industry

Working Hero gives you as a bauma exhibitor the chance to use digital storytelling to present your organization and brand as credible, attractive and it creates a lasting branding image. Working Hero clients enjoy a direct and emotional approach to the bauma community—you choose your relevant target audience for your Working Hero episode from our global bauma database.

Why do bauma exhibitors book their Working Hero episode with us?

  • bauma as sender: they want a prestigious worldwide known brand to tell their story in order to perceive higher credibility and trustworthiness

  • the power of emotion: they know that fascinating video formats are crucial for their marketing campaigns and often combine Working Hero with their image video

  • unique positioning: they are eager to position themselves as pioneers in creating high emotional content which distinguishes them from their competitors

  • employer branding: we produce high quality journalistic content, which our exhibitors can promote on their own communication channels.

  • minimal effort: our professional Working Hero producer team with many years of TV- and cinema expertise relieves our exhibitors marketing and human resources.

Working hero

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Kristin Standhardinger

Kristin Standhardinger

Digital Sales Manager