Innovation Journey takes you to the makers of tomorrow

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Innovation Journey takes you to the makers of tomorrow. Surprising perspectives, unusual formats, inspiring ideas: Innovation Journey leads on a journey to the business models and solutions of the future. Whether these are to be found at trade fairs, conferences or at the world's digital hotspots—an exclusive circle of participants travel to selected innovation powerhouses and come into direct contact with startups, hi-techs, researchers and lateral thinkers.

Innovation Journey

The Innovation Journey connects people and companies by bringing together different competencies from all over the world. This creates fresh impulses for thought, new perspectives and a dynamic platform that provides space for future-oriented solutions.

Innovation Journey


June 2019—Innovation Journey@transport logistic

Under the slogan “Future of Mobility and Logistics” the Innovation Journey took a look at the future of merchandise management. Taxi rides in the air and saving energy at the same time, containers that will be shot through tubes at almost the speed of sound to the loading site at the port of Hamburg: Not just dreams of the future, but possible reality.

June 2018—Innovation Journey@automatica

The participants were offered a deep dive into current and future application scenarios regarding living and working in the automated world.

Innovation Journey goes Austin, Texas

March 2018—Innovation Journey goes Austin, Texas

What does innovation mean to Elon Musk? How will Quantum Computing change our world? Are social media destroying our society? The participants in the second Innovation Journey travelled for seven days to the SXSW Digital Conference in Austin to hear and meet the thought leaders and drivers of global idea development.

The journey is brought to life in the Travel Blog

Innovation Journey

Not just Silicon Valley, also Isar Valley

The classic innovation journey usually takes management to Silicon Valley. That includes Messe München, whose prize-winning Blog often reports what's happening there.

Bits & Pretzels

September 2017—Innovation Journey meets “Bits & Pretzels”

The Bits & Pretzels founders portal is the optimal contact point for the first Innovation Journey to the Isar Valley. Where young entrepreneurs party in lederhosen and gather new ideas for their innovative business, representatives of large corporates are wondering what they have to learn from startups.

The visit to various locations in a curated and exclusive program turns the Innovation Journey into a temporary mobile Think Tank, a compressed version of an innovation conference, where a select circle of entrepreneurs and makers can think outside the box. Above all, it provides ideas that the entrepreneurs can implement directly in their business.

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