Cooperation or Competition: the Makeathon Development Competition

Being there when solutions are created

At a Makeathon, the development process of software and hardware hacks can be experienced at close range. The collaborative competition scores with participants and spectators right from the start. A success format that appeals to new target groups and strengthens their position as innovation drivers.

Makeathons are innovative events where young professionals rise to the challenge of creating functional solutions for their industries—under real-life conditions and in just 24 hours. The participants are competing teams, recruited, among others, from young software developers, mechanics, mechatronics engineers, designers and business developers. The audience consists of industry representatives who are there to meet the innovators of tomorrow.

What are the Goals of Makeathons?

Goals of Makeathons

What is a Makeathon?

A hackathon (portmanteau of the words "hack" and "marathon") is a collaborative software and hardware design event. The goal is to produce software products within the timespan of this event. (Wikipedia)

Makeathon is the evolution of a hackathon; in the “Maker Community” however, it also involves the use of hardware.

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