Open Innovation

The Crowdsourcing Platform for a Direct Line to Customers

ISPO Open Innovation connects businesses with consumers, who can contribute their ideas for product development or test products before they go to market. Consumers are not just consuming any more. They are also interested in how a product is developed and who uses it how. For consumers, these interactive experiences form a decisive part of their shopping approach. For businesses, this principle of participation (co-creation), evaluation and recommendation is important for generating new ideas, fostering customer loyalty and demonstrating brand presence. With ISPO Open Innovation, the sporting goods sector can benefit from customers' expertise and identify the requirements for a new product in advance.

The crowdfunding platform with over 40,000 active community members from more than 60 countries offers various models:

  • Product tests / influencer campaigns—Product tests allow detailed testing of new product types by selected customers. Their feedback is channeled into subsequent development phases.
  • Product development—This is where new ideas are generated through cooperation between manufacturer and customer.
  • Creation—What do customers expect? In the early phase of product development, inspiration from consumers is decisive for subsequent success.
  • Surveys—How does the new product come across? Which new products are customers waiting for? Survey results can have a significant influence on product development.

The ISPO community consists of sports professionals, keen amateur sportsmen/women and influencers, who exchange experiences, evaluate products and pass on recommendations. ISPO Open Innovation appeals to the whole ISPO network with B2B and B2C players and target groups. Recent case studies from various manufacturers demonstrate that ISPO has tapped into something that is in time with modern consumers:

  • Dynafit: The climbing equipment company conducted a survey on the theme of 'Bikewear product enhancement' with consumers and dealers. Result: 1,900 final consumers and over 300 dealers gave Dynafit important hints for setting up a new product category.
  • WEITBLICK: The workwear manufacturer used the platform to receive direct product feedback from DIY enthusiasts and professionals. 45 testers uploaded over 110 detailed test reports with 168 photos as well as sharing test reports via blogs and social media channels.
  • riri: The brand used ISPO Open Innovation for an innovation project together with product managers from the sports sector to develop new applications for its technical press snaps. The aim of attracting B2B contacts to product decision-makers from the sporting goods business and placing products was achieved. Over 80 qualified, relevant leads were generated.
  • ABS Airbags: The airbag manufacturer ran an influencer campaign to underscore its presence among consumer experts and obtained product feedback on the latest generation of P.Ride avalanche backpacks.