Digital ISPO products: service providers and innovators for the digital transformation in the global sports business

As the world’s leading sports network, ISPO offers an integrated range of sector-specific analog and digital services all year round. In recent years, ISPO has developed digital services for the industry which work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With these products, ISPO links together brands, retailers and consumers round the clock. ISPO customers can then select the right solution for their marketing strategy aimed at specific target groups. The ISPO Group presents its digital portfolio here.

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1. ISPO Open Innovation: The crowdsourcing platform for a direct line to customers

ISPO Open Innovation links companies with consumers who contribute ideas when products are developed or can test products before they go on sale. After all, consumers nowadays do more than just consume. They are also interested in how a product is developed, who uses it and how it is used. These interactive experiences are a key part of the shopping experience for consumers. For companies, this co-creation, rating and recommendation principle is important in order to generate new ideas, secure customer loyalty and show market presence. With ISPO Open Innovation, the sports industry can use customers’ expertise and find out in advance what requirements a new product must satisfy.

The crowdsourcing platform with more than 40,000 active community members from more than 60 countries offers various models for this:

The ISPO community is made up of sport professionals, ambitious hobby sportsmen and women and influencers who share experiences, rate products and recommend them to others. ISPO Open Innovation is aimed at the entire ISPO network with B2B and B2C players and target groups. Recent practical examples from various manufacturers show that ISPO has its finger firmly on the pulse.

2. Content portal with digital marketing offerings

With, a news portal allowing customers to communicate their brand messages to retailers and consumers 365 days a year was created in January 2016. Since the launch, the portal has had more than 5 million unique visitors, around 50 percent of them end consumers. There were 2.7 million visitors in 2017. Thanks to the English-language website version, the visitor profiles are international. Users come from countries including Germany, the USA, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. increases coverage beyond trade fair halls, extending it as far as consumers. With suitable marketing offerings, ISPO is following the trend in the industry whereby more is invested in direct communication with end consumers. The following services are available to choose from:

Case studies show that the offerings are successful:

3. ISPO Job Market

The ISPO Job Market is the most important online jobs forum for the sports industry. With international coverage and major names such as adidas, The North Face and Vans, experienced professionals and lateral entrants alike can quickly find a new challenge. Together with the recruiting experts from, an international jobs market for the sport sector has been created to help people entering or already working in the sports business throughout their careers. The service includes training programs (schools and universities), positions for newcomers and middle management and executive headhunting for filling senior management positions. Since the start of the partnership, more than 2,000 job vacancies have been advertised on the platform, generating over 20,000 applications.

4. ISPO Digitize: Making the digital transformation a success

With ISPO Digitize, ISPO is expanding the digital strategy into the offline world and supporting sport retailers and the sports industry on the way to a digital, competitive future.

The digital transformation has already changed the structure of the sports industry throughout the entire value chain. Systems are becoming more and more complex and require new know-how. This knowledge and digital skills are often found to be lacking in companies. However, these are essential for understanding and being able to properly make use of the countless digital solutions now available on the market. ISPO has recognized this challenge and, with the Digitize Summit, has launched a new event format which supports the sector during the digital transformation.

ISPO impressions
ISPO impressions
ISPO impressions
ISPO impressions
ISPO impressions
ISPO impressions
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