Foyer first floor | ICM – Internationales Congress Center München

Rooms / Areas Space in m² Max. height in m Theatre Classroom Banquet
Foyer first floor 2.850 3,90

The striking stairway to the first floor leads to a bright, spacious upstairs foyer with 1,500 square meter of space which, due to its layout and the materials used, has a very inviting character. It is ideal for exhibitions, large banquet events and as a meeting point, bar or rest area. The charming architecture and central location of the upstairs foyer make it extremely versatile.

Foyer first floor

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First floor  
  • No vehicles in foyer itself
  • he use of a forklift is not permitted
  • The maximum load-bearing capacities of the passenger and freight elevators must be observed at all times.
  • Passenger elevators may not be used to transport freight
Suitable for Exhibitions, catering
Size / capacity 1,500 m² usable exhibition space
Special features
  • Daylight/shade system
  • Parquet floors
  • Gross exhibition space: max. approx. 1,500 m², depending on number of guests
  • Maximum structure height: 2.80 m - 3.70 m, depending on stand location
  • Walls: Stucco Lustro wall paneling
Structural details
  • Permissible floor load: 500 kg/m² (5 kN/m²)
  • Suspension points in foyer: none)
  • Ventilation systems: partially air-conditioned
  • Utility ducts: none, grid of recessed floor outlets
  • Spartenkanäle: keine, Bodenelektranten-Raster
  • Water: not available
  • Waste water: not available
  • Compressed air: not available
  • Electricity: max. 40 kW (63 A CEE per connection)
  • System telecom connections: telephone/fax analog
  • External telecom connections: ISDN, T-DSL 1000/2000
  • Network: Ethernet/RJ-45 static IP
  • Cable TV connections: Digital broadband network (DVB-C)
Media equipment The Foyer on the upper floor features 2 individual displays and a full-coverage public address system. All display surfaces can be managed with a time-controlled digital signage system.

  • 2x 48-inch displays (ceiling-mounted)
  • Centrally controlled public address system
  • Audio and video cross-connections into other halls and rooms possible.