FairLog—The New Logistics Control System

On-schedule planning for freight forwarders

Truck time-slot management makes it possible to efficiently control delivery traffic during setup and dismantling times at trade fairs. The advantages: Our traffic planners are able to allocate all trucks to places in the loading yards of Messe München with maximum time and space efficiency. This allows us to handle a significantly higher number of vehicles at the exhibition grounds and keep waiting times at check-in to a minimum.

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is an IT-based logistics processing system for our delivery traffic during setup and dismantling times—with real-time time slot management for trucks and vehicles over 8 meters in length.

How freight-forwarders benefit from FairLog:

FairLog—how it works:

For vehicles with an overall length of more than 8 meters, freight forwarders can book a time-slot for their deliveries and pickups via FairLog at https://messe-muenchen.fairlogportal.com.

The following information must be provided:

The system reserves a suitable time slot for the forwarders in the adjacent area / loading yard. The driver must report to check-in no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the time slot with the log / booking reference number and provide his vehicle registration and mobile phone number. At the same time, FairLog automatically analyzes the availability of space in the loading yard on an ongoing basis. When a suitable space is free at the assigned time-window, the driver will automatically receive a free message on his mobile phone asking him to drive onto the site.

What happens if no time-slot has been booked?

During setup, also vehicles which turn up unannounced will be logged at check-in and then processed via FairLog. BUT: vehicles for which a time slot was booked in advance will obviously be given priority! Drivers of non-registered vehicles must therefore expect a longer wait time.

During dismantling however, time slot booking is mandatory. Without a pre-booked time slot, access to the exhibition grounds is not possible.

Where can I get further information?

All important information concerning times / dates, access gates, etc. can be found in the Traffic Guide of the respective fair.

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Maria Neuhaus

Maria Neuhaus

Manager Traffic and Security

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Erik Westendorf

Manager Traffic and Security

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