Claudia Sixl

The Shining Light

Edition 01/2019 - Claudia Sixl arrived at Laser World of Photonics as a non-specialist. She has acquired the relevant expertise since then—and today she works with science and industry in the international Laser World of Photonics network to highlight developments in an industry of the future.

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Cucumber Flower

World of Light

Edition 01/2019 - Be it Medicine, industrial production or Consumer Electronics – Photonics is a key enabling technology of the future. What moves the industry? And what breakthroughs are yet to come?

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Stefan Glowacz and Benedict Rodenstock

How Can They Dare To?

Edition 01/2019 - One regularly puts his fortune at risk as part of his job. The other risks his neck in daring expeditions. We spoke with investor Benedict Rodenstock and climbing legend Stefan Glowacz about risk.

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