Christian Rocke

It’s High Time

Edition 02/2019 - Global warming and environmental pollution threaten the basis of our life. The world is seeking solutions. And the IFAT network presents them. Exhibition Group Director Christian Rocke provides insight into the booming sector of environmental technology.

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The empowered Consumers

Edition 02/2019 - Consumers used to be silent; today, they are critics and even producers. How companies can leverage the growing power of customers.

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Karin Danner and Sohi Malih

„We need authentic people!“

Edition 02/2019 - The one has over a million followers and hardly knows any of them. The other has been a manager in a male world for more than two decades. Karin Danner, manager of the Women’s Soccer Club of FC Bayern Munich, and the influencer Sohi Malih on the art of effective leadership.

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