Final report : ISPO SHANGHAI 2016: Further Expands its Charisma as a Multi-Segment Sports Trade Show in the Asian Market

On an exhibition space of more than 30,000 square meters, the most important new products, developments and trends from the Action, Sportstyle, Fitness, Running, Functional Textiles, Outdoor, Paddling & Watersports segments were displayed over three days.

ISPO SHANGHAI 2016 is growing and continuing its successful debut. There has been a 32% record increase in the number of exhibitors. 470 companies were represented with some 500 brands. From July, 6 to 8, 14,593 visitors came to the Shanghai National Exhibition Center (SNIEC). A much frequented Accompanying Program featuring innovations, trends and a quantity of testing possibilities rounded off the three trade-show days.

ISPO SHANGHAI 2016 took place for the second time this year. On an exhibition space of more than 30,000 square meters, the most important new products, developments and trends from the Action, Sportstyle, Fitness, Running, Functional Textiles, Outdoor, Paddling & Watersports segments were displayed over three days. A total of 470 exhibitors (2015: 354 exhibitors) represented around 500 brands (2015: 473 brands). This means a growth rate of 32 percent as compared to the previous year. 14,593 visitors attended China’s multi-segment sports trade show in summer.

Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München, sums up positively, “The increase in the number of exhibitors shows that our multi-segment concept works. We offer all segments the possibility of presenting themselves in their respective market and brand environments. This creates synergies and opens up opportunities for growth. Over the next 20 years, China will develop to become the world’s largest sports and fitness market. Companies who intend to continue doing successful business in the future must become active here and now and make huge investments”.

With its vast Accompanying Program, ISPO SHANGHAI reaffirmed its self-conception as a full service partner for the industry again this year.

At the well-attended ISPO Open Demo Day media representatives, dealers and visitors tested the latest sports products from the areas of water sports and run-ning, skating and outdoor even before the trade show opened its gates.

At the trade show, all those interested could try out kayaking, canoeing or stand-up paddling (SUP) in a 200 square meters large indoor pool at the PADDLING & WATERSPORTS VILLAGE. In addition, experts provided insights into the water sports industry.

Information on investment opportunities in the international sports business was provided at the China Sports Industry Innovation & Investment Forum, while the China Sports Media Forum was dedicated to the challenges and opportunities entailed by the new media and technologies.

The Sports Digital Workshop, at which everything revolved around wearables and the associated potentials that will certainly open up for the sports industry, also attracted high numbers of attendees.

For two days, the Market Introduction Program showed how international companies can successfully manage to enter the Chinese market.

For the first time, the ISPO TEXTRENDS platform presented the future 2018 spring and summer trends, complementing the autumn and winter trends of ISPO MUNICH.

In addition, an editorial team for the ISPO.COM website was present locally, ensuring daily reporting on everything related to ISPO SHANGHAI:

The next ISPO SHANGHAI will be held from Thursday, July 6, until Saturday, July 8, 2017.

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ISPO BEIJING, Asia’s biggest B2B multi-segment show in winter, will take place from February 15 to 18, 2017. More information is available at:

Exhibitor Statements:

Mr. Jun Kai, Director, Alibaba Group
I am participating in ISPO for the second time. This year, we can see more sports segments as compared to before. Apart from traditional outdoor products, there are sports fashion and fitness products. I am fond of this arrangement, because the outdoor concept is really made up of different sports and different fan groups. I think integration is definitely the key to the market of the future.

Mr. Victor Li, Chairman of China Selected Outdoor Association (SOA) and Chairman of Shanghai Setino Sportswear Inc.
ISPO has been our long-term partner as we also participate in ISPO MUNICH and ISPO BEIJING. ISPO SHANGHAI offers more advantages to brands in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions like us. We, the China Selected Outdoor Association (SOA), have participated as exhibitors of ISPO SHANGHAI for the first time ever in order to present our ideas about how to manage multi-brand and multi-segment stores of selected products. The reason why we have chosen ISPO SHANGHAI is that the trade show’s “beyond outdoor” concept is conveying exactly our philosophy.

Mrs. Amy Xu, Project Manager of Shanghai Easigo Outdoor Equipment Co., Ltd
We believe that ISPO is the most influential sports trade show in China. We can see how much ISPO SHANGHAI has invested in the water sports segment this year, based on its “beyond outdoor” concept. Ranging from the OPEN DEMO DAY to the indoor pool, ISPO SHANGHAI can offer real experiences to consumers, retailers and outdoor fans. We are also very happy to find more international water sports brands and visitors at the exhibition. Next year we will certainly participate again.

Mr. Hyo-Seung, Chang, President of EQUIPMENT DESIGN
We think ISPO is a very influential exhibition for the outdoor sports industry. So it is very effective to promote our corporation and brand image here. We are exhibiting at ISPO SHANGHAI for the first time. Actually, it is our first exhibition in China. ISPO SHANGHAI is very big, with a wide range of products and great visitor flow. We are very satisfied with the results and will certainly come again next year!

Mr. Haohan Zhang, CEO of Gravity-X
ISPO SHANGHAI is our favorite and most suitable exhibition in terms of scale, quality, segments and brands. This is the 6th time we take part in ISPO as exhibitors if we include all our participations in ISPO BEIJING. Gravity-X is specializing in skateboarding, and we have always scored successes at ISPO. The longboard event we have co-organized this year is being very well received. We hope ISPO will develop further year by year.

Ms. Yiling He, General Manager of Guizhou Qinglang Outdoor
I have been amazed from the minute I stepped into ISPO SHANGHAI. Apart from the traditional outdoor sports, we can see fancier and more innovative products here. Since yesterday, we have been making offers to various brands. Because, besides the professional mountaineering products we are now focusing on, I would like to add more fitness, running and sports fashion products to the line of products in my stores. To me, ISPO is a platform where the exhibitors and buyers can get to know the world trends. ISPO SHANGHAI has integrated products and technologies from different segments into a single venue. This year, ISPO SHANGHAI has brought me many new ideas.

Mr. Nigel Foster, top kayaker & kayak designer
ISPO SHANGHAI 2016 seems to have even improved as compared to last year. The insider water pool is very great for us, and it is almost the best pool I have ever seen in the world at shows. The OPEN DEMO DAY’s location is much more accessible for people who wish to get onto the water. And everything is organized very well this year; it will give me great pleasure to come back next year.

Ms. Julie Yang, Brand Develop Director of LP Support
LP has recently extended its product line to include functional compression clothes, so we would like to choose an important event such as ISPO SHANGHAI to communicate LP’s plan for the next year to our customers. Judging from the visitor flow of ISPO SHANGHAI 2016, it is clear that the sports market is growing. At the Fitness and Running Forum, I can see that all sports fans have gained a lot.

Mr. Yun Li, General Manager of Millet China
Millet has chosen ISPO SHANGHAI as a platform for our first appearance in China, because we believe that ISPO SHANGHAI is not only the right place to promote our brand, but also a platform where we can be in direct contact with retailers onsite and consumers online. Moreover, the sports and “beyond outdoor” concept of ISPO SHANGHAI is a very close match to our brand philosophy. So we hope that, through such a comprehensive platform, Millet can send our message of creating needs for sports.

Mr. Peng Gao, Brand Director of Ottobock (China) Industries Co., Ltd.,
On behalf of Rehband
Rehband has continuously participated in ISPO MUNICH as an exhibitor for five years. As this is the first year we launch ourselves into the consumer market in China, we have chosen the right platform with ISPO SHANGHAI. Today, a lot of dealers, retailers and sports fans have come to visit our booth, and we are so happy to attract more attention from those new professional audiences at ISPO SHANGHAI. The whole atmosphere is very satisfied, and definitely, we will join ISPO SHANGHAI again in the years to come!

Mr. Barry Lin, Sales Director of Sea to Summit, China
On behalf of Sea to Summit, CamelBak, Smartwool
By taking advantage of ISPO SHANGHAI and the regional superiority, the greatest achievement we have gained is to make our brand and products, including sports, fitness, airport, high-speed rail, giveaways and general merchandise, known to a greater number of channel dealers and companies. ISPO SHANGHAI can help us multiply our development efforts.

Mr. Guangsheng Zhao, Deputy of Shanghai Municipal Physical Culture Bureau
I hope ISPO will seize the opportunity and become the most influential sports exhibition brand in Asia in the next few years. I also hope it can contribute more to make Shanghai a city of sports, to help develop the sports industry in China.

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