Press release: Messe München goes electric: Charging infrastructure for e-cars is being installed throughout

At Messe München, mobility is being rethought for the future.

  • At the Munich exhibition center, exhibitors and visitors can fill up with free traction current in future
  • Up to 50 charging points and a ‘supercharger’ are planned
  • Green electricity from the center’s own rooftop photovoltaic system
  • Company boss Klaus Dittrich: “A milestone for electric mobility”

At Messe München, mobility is being rethought for the future. Today, company boss Klaus Dittrich put the first charging points for electric vehicles on grid at the Munich exhibition center in the presence of Dieter Reiter, Mayor of Munich and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Messe München. “This is the beginning of a larger initiative for electric mobility”, explains Mr. Dittrich. Messe München is installing a charging infrastructure for e-cars throughout the center. Up to 50 charging points are planned as well as a ‘supercharger’ for powering up quickly. In future, exhibitors and visitors can fill up with free electricity—green power from the center’s own rooftop photovoltaic system.

At least since driving bans have loomed in big German cities like Munich, the subject of electric mobility has been relevant to society as a whole. Klaus Dittrich, Chairman & CEO of Messe München, thinks that companies in particular have a duty here. “By putting the e-charging infrastructure into operation, we are setting a milestone in the area of electric mobility and are affirming our pioneering role in environmental and climate protection. We find that we have a responsibility for the environment—in Munich and across the world.” Above all, there is a need for climate-compatible concepts for mobility. “For us, sustainability is one of the essential premisses in the construction and operation of the exhibition center and in our program of events too.”

Mayor of Munich Dieter Reiter welcomes this initiative by Messe München for electric mobility: “The exhibition center is setting exactly the right trend here by itself producing power sustainably and climate-neutrally and then giving it away for free to its customers and visitors. A terrific project to promote e-mobility, and may there be a lot of imitators!”

Renewably mobile—with solar power
Messe München is employing an integrated e-charging concept. The planned charging infrastructure will comprise a total of up to 50 modern charging points (Mennekes, type2) as well as a ‘supercharger’ (triple-port charging point from ABB) at the ICM - Internationales Congress Center München. The quick-charging station at the ICM and four charging points at the administration building are already installed; a further 20 charging stations in the west multistorey car park are currently being constructed. In the further course of the project, there will be additional charging points spread around the entire grounds—including mobile units which can be positioned according to the occupancy of the exhibition center.

By way of comparison, the public utility company Stadtwerke München currently operates 167 charging points for e-cars (as per January 10, 2018). After Stadtwerke München, Messe München will be the biggest provider of electric charging points.

Klaus Dittrich is especially proud that the charging infrastructure at Messe München protects the environment and resources. “The traction current you fill up at our charging points comes from our company’s own rooftop photovoltaic system so it’s from 100 percent renewable energy.” On maximum occupancy of the electric recharging points at present, up to 300 KW of power is fed directly into the center’s own charging infrastructure. Klaus Dittrich: “So in generating electricity for our charging infrastructure, no CO2 emissions are produced. In an emission-free and environmentally compatible way, Messe München is thus making an active contribution to reducing local environmental impact from road traffic.”

Increasing demand among exhibitors and visitors
Messe München combines customer service with responsibility for the environment. More and more often, exhibitors and visitors of Messe München have been inquiring about charging possibilities for e-cars as these become more prevalent in general. Klaus Dittrich: “In future, customers and guests of Messe München who arrive by e-car can fill up with free electricity during the day—and drive home in the evening on a full battery.”

The ecological advantages of this concept go along with economic benefits too, says Mr. Dittrich. “In view of the high attendances at our events, we therefore take on responsibility for the future—and provide an innovative service at the same time.”

E-mobility for the car pool
Also ready to go since the beginning of January 2018 is the company’s first BMW i3 e-car. Like all company vehicles at Messe München, the new arrival can be booked by members of staff for business trips. In future, staff who drive to work in their own electric vehicles can recharge them conveniently until closing time in the underground garage of the administration building, where two charging points have been installed specially for members of staff. Klaus Dittrich: “The changeover to e-mobility won’t take place overnight, but we want to promote this technology wherever we can.”

Heading for Strategy 2021
These investments in e-mobility are a further example of Messe München’s activities in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Mr. Dittrich: “We have defined ‘the environment’ as one of our central CSR action areas. As we see our role, this includes subjects like energy management and the utilization of natural resources—as well as emissions and future challenges of mobility and logistics.” One good example is the use of geothermal energy at Messe München. “By promoting e-mobility, we are aligning our corporate social responsibility even more closely with our corporate strategy.”


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