ceramitec 2015

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ceramitec is the most successful international event for the specialist world of ceramics and powder metallurgy and an important meeting point for the leading manufacturers, users and scientists. Top-level decision-makers from the brick and tile industry, stoneware, refractory materials, glazed tiles and sanitary ware, china and porcelain, sintered materials, technical ceramics and powder metallurgy come together there. Past years have confirmed ceramitec as the international leading trade fair in its field showing various world premieres

Event details

Website ceramitec 2015
Event location Messe München
Event duration October 20–23, 2015
Rotation every 3 years
First Execution 1979
Area 40,000m²
Offer Raw materials, additives, production materials, aids, storage, conveying, metering, charging, weighing, crushing, grinding, milling mills, grading, separation, mixing, blending, shaping, glazing, decorating, surface treatment, heat treatment, measurement, control, analysis, laboratory equipment, plant construction, engineering, dedusting, filtering, handling, packaging, automation, tools, spares, replacement parts, protection of the environment, research, training, technology transfer, trade and specialist literature, associations and organisations
Target group Brick and roof-tile industry, utility and crockery ware ceramics, wall and floor tiles, sanitary ceramics, technical ceramics, refractory industry, ceramic raw materials and additives, powder metallurgy, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics industry, trade, engineering and planning offices, handcraft, colleges and universities