EM-Power Europe 2021

part of The smarter E Europe

The premier exhibition for intelligent energy use in industry and buildings

The organizers are Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG and Solar Promotion GmbH:

Solar Promotion GmbH

P.O. Box 100 170

75101 Pforzheim


Phone: +49 7231 58598-0

Fax: +49 7231 58598-28

E-mail: info@thesmartere.de

Event details

Website EM-Power Europe 2021
Event location Messe München
Event duration June 09–11, 2021
Rotation every year
First Execution 2018

Smart grids and grid system services, Integration of renewable energies, Electricity trading and marketing, Flexibility management (demand response), Smart Metering, Energy management and building automation, Smart buildings and districts (microgrids), Decentralized and renewable energy supply (CHP, power-to-heat etc.), Energy services (contracting, auditing / certification, demand response)

Target group Companies: Energy, building or facility manager e.g. for Hotels and food service, Hospitals and care facilities, Food retailing and food industry, Infrastructure facilities, Data centers, Automobile and supply industry. Real Estate Industry: Operators and users of residential, commercial or industrial buildings, Investors, Energy, building or facility manager, House and building technology specialists. Public Institutions: Municipal property administration managers, Energy officers for public buildings (e.g. day care centers, schools, universities, indoor and open-air swimming pools). Planners: Architects, planners for building services, construction engineers, Energy consultants and planners, Construction managers.