IAP 2017

Tehran International Permanent Fairground, Tehran / Iran

International Auto Parts Exhibition

Within the next few years, an enormous increase in sales for new cars in the entire Middle East is predicted. Iran in particular is hereby ascended to the “growth champion”. Under the presidency of Hassan Rohani relations to the West will noticeably improve and additionally ease the trade embargo. Furthermore, it should animate the car market considerably with an estimated increase of sales of up to 26%.



Automotive parts & components including engine and mechanical systems, gearbox, exhaust, axle, steering, braking, suspension and body systems, electric & electronic systems, tires & wheels; Automotive accessories including interior trimming, car audio & video systems, navigation & telecom systems, air conditioning systems, safety and vehicle security Systems; Measuring, testing and control devices & Systems; Maintenance & repair Equipment; Car care products; Paints, lubricants, additives and other auto supplies; Related manufacturing technology, machinery, equipment and Tools; Alternate fuel conversion equipment

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