MICA 2020

International Exhibition of Mines and Quarries

The MICA Exhibition offers the opportunity to enhance understanding of progress and changes in the mining and quarrying industry, compare experiences and forge partnerships with foreign exhibitors and participants, purely to move the sector forward.

This event is also an opportunity for many suppliers to exchange and find common or complementary solutions to offer operators. The event will bring together decision-makers and operators of the sector to accompany and encourage the development of the mining industry.

The 2020 edition of the Exhibition host the 4th Forum on mining and quarrying.

MICA 2020 will be collocated with “TSL EXPO 2020 – International Congress & Exhibition on Transports, Supply Chain and Logistics”.

Event details

Website Website MICA
Event location Algiers, Algeria
Event duration January 26–28, 2021
Rotation every year
First Execution 2016

Last event: 25 exhibitors; 2.500 visitors from 5 countries


Mining & Quarries:

  • Bulk Materials Handling
  • Exploration
  • General Services
  • Surface Mining
  • Underground Mining

Health, Safety and Environment:

  • Waste, recycling and recovery
  • Sites et soil
  • Greenhouse gas emissions control
  • Health and environment
  • Environmental Management

Target group Trade Visitors