oils+fats 2015

International trade fair for technology and trade of vegetable oils and animal fats

oils+fats is the only trade fair in Europe that focuses on the Technology and Trade of Oils and Fats. The range of exhibits includes plants and machinery for the production and further processing of oils and fats, raw and auxiliary materials and solutions for quality assurance and logistics. As Europe's central information and communications platform, oils+fats showcases the latest trends and informs visitors about the latest technological developments. That makes oils+fats the most important industry gathering for decision-makers in the oils and fats industry, the research sector and agricultural associations.

Event details

Website oils-and-fats.com
Event location MOC Veranstaltungscenter München
Event duration September 15–17, 2015
Rotation every 2 years
First Execution 2007

oils+fats is the only trade fair in the world that focuses on the Technology and Trade of Oils and Fats with special focus on practical solutions in the following categories: - Production and processing - Progress and quality assurance - Raw and auxiliary materials - Logistics - Research - Institutions and publishers - Deep Frying

Target group oils+fats 2015 is interesting for: Producers of: - crude and / or refined oils and fats, fatty acids - margarine, nutraceuticals, edible oils and fats - feed stuff - biodiesel, detergents, glycerol, lanolin, lubricants, waxes - Refiners of crude oils and fats - Oil and fat traders - Agricultural associations Decision makers and business managers from the following fields meet at oils+fats: Executives, plant management Production, engineering Research & development Purchasing and acquisition Quality management