PSE Europe 2017

International trade fair for polyurethane processing

With PSE Europe 2017 we offer the PU industry a dedicated marketplace where raw material manufacturers as well as equipment and system suppliers will meet with a professional audience of buyers and users looking for innovative technology and bespoke solutions. The show is targeted to trade visitors from all industry sectors involved in processing PU or applying PU solutions within their manufacturing processes.

Event details

Website PSE Europe
Event location MOC Veranstaltungscenter München
Event duration June 27–29, 2017
Rotation every 2 years
First Execution 2017

Raw Materials: Polyols, Isocyanates, Catalysts, Agents, Chain extenders, Cross-linkers, Additives, Colourants, Fillers. Materials / Semi-finished Products: TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), Polyurethane dispersions, Millable PU, Elastomer, Microcellular elastomer, Bio-PU. PU Products / Systems: Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Cast elastomers, Rigid foam, Flexible foam, Special products, Composites, PU Moulded parts. Processing Machinery, Systems & Equipment: Foaming lines, Moulding, Spray, Mixing heads, RIM / RRIM, Storage tanks, Laminating lines, Extrusion, Additive manufacturing, Shaping, Calenders, Cutting, Moulds, Handling & robotics, Data processing, Cleaning, Tools & components, Packaging, Recycling reactors, Glass fibre chopping. Services. Laboratory & testing, Health & safety, Recycling, Environmental protection, Research & development

Target group Visitors at PSE Europe are buyers and users of raw materials, materials/semi-finished products, PU systems and processing machinery, equipment and services. The exhibition is targeted to trade professionals within all sections of the polyurethane industry as well as users of PU applications from a wide range of end-user sectors such as: Construction / insulation, Automotive, Electrical appliances / white goods, Furniture / bedding, Footwear / apparel, Medical, Composites, Flooring, Electronics, Transport, Packaging, 3D Printing. Visitors at PSE Europe are top industry professionals such as managing directors, CEOs, company owners, purchasing directors, marketing directors, product designers, engineers, production specialists as well as plant and technical managers.