Smart.Con 2021

Construction of Tomorrow | Technology and Innovation

The event was developed to meet the needs of the following markets: Engineering, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Rental. Segmented into 5 areas that will bring solutions for the Constrution of Tomorrow: Construction Planning, High-tech Equipment and Parts, Constructiom Systems and New Materials, Automation & Safety, The Future of Construction (Startups and Research institures).

Event details

Website Smart.con
Event location São Paulo Expo, Brasil
Event duration July 06–07, 2021
New Date
Rotation every 3 years
First Execution 2020

Exhibition Sectors: Construction planning; High-tech equipment and parts; Construction systems and new materials; Automation & Safety on construction sites; The future of building

Target group Experts from the following sectors: Constructon, Mining, Infrastructure Private and Public Utilities, Banks, Goverment Agencies of Federal, State and Municipal Levels, Military Levels, Military, Forestry, Agribusiness, Engineering, Infrastructure, Building, Planning, Maintenance Supply, Research & Development, Software Development, Production