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Rooms / areas Space in m² Theater Theater Classroom Classroom Banquet Banquet U-shaped U-shaped
Rooms / areas Room 13 Space in m² 795 Theater 903 Classroom 402 or 378 Banquet 428 U-shaped
Rooms / areas Room 13a Space in m² 385 Theater 437 Classroom 208 Banquet 176 U-shaped 64
Rooms / areas Room 13b Space in m² 385 Theater 437 Classroom 208 Banquet 176 U-shaped 64

Room 13: Perfect for Events with up to 903 Guests
On 795 square meters, room 13 can accommodate up to 903 people in theater seating, 402 classroom style seats or 428 seats in banquet layout. This hall can be divided lengthwise down the middle, creating two soundproof rooms that are mirror-images of one another. The control booths and interpreters' booths are situated so that they can be used for both rooms when partitioned. The stages/podiums, lighting grids and screens can also be used for the entire room or in the partitioned rooms. Deliveries are made easy thanks to the proximity of the goods elevators. This room is ideal for conventions, lecture events and presentations with up to 905 guests.

Room 13a and 13b: Perfect for Events with up to 437 Guests
Rooms 13a and 13b, each with 385 square meters, both accommodate 437 seats in theater style, 208 classroom style seats or 176 banquet style seats. The mirror-image rooms have completely soundproof partition walls. The partitioned rooms both feature control booths and cabins for interpreters. Stages, podiums, lighting grids, screens, and performer dressing rooms as well as the latest in media technology are also available in both rooms. These spaces are ideal for medium-sized conferences, lectures and presentations with up to 437 guests.

Panoramic view of room 13

Room 13

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Location First floor
  • Deliveries via two freight elevators (width 2 m, length 3 m, max. 2,000 kg) next to stage
  • Elevators loaded at ground level (behind Room 5) and lower level (tunnel)
  • Elevators stop at room level and at stage level
Suitable for
  • Room 13: Conventions, lecture events, presentations, etc.
  • Room 13a and 13b: Lecture events, presentations, meetings, conferences, etc.
Size / capacity
  • Room 13: 795 m², seats 905 people in theater seating, 402 people with classroom seating, 428 people with banquet seating
  • Room 13a and 13b: 385 m² each, seats 437 people in theater seating, 208 people with classroom seating, 176 people with banquet seating
Special features
  • Partition walls make it possible to divide the room down the middle, creating two soundproof rooms that are mirror images of one another (see detailed description of Rooms 13a & 13b)
  • Daylight - can also be darkened
  • Performer dressing rooms: 1 group dressing rooms and 1 private dressing room
  • Permissible floor load: 500 kg/m² (5 kN/m²)
Screens The three screens (one each in room 13, 13a and 13b) are rolled up on drums and can be lowered when needed. The screen for the entire hall has a visible projection area of 10.60 m x 6.80 m (w x h). The screens in the partitioned halls are 6.75 m x 6.35 m (w x h).
  • Room 13: The permanent stage is 93 m² in size. Retractable platforms (44 m²), height adjustable from approx. 67 cm to approx. 1 m, can be used to extend the stage and create a larger performance area. The maximum stage dimensions are: width 14.70 m, depth 6.40 m, proscenium height 7.45 m. Moveable proscenium panels make it possible to change the width of the stage opening, which varies between 9.00 and 14.70 m. The stage has a black performance curtain (traveler curtain, opens to the sides).
  • Room 13a and 13b: Each room has a performance stage measuring 20 m², height adjustable from approx. 67 cm to approx. 1 m. Platforms may be added to increase the size of the stage. Using a variety of adjustable platforms makes it possible to come up with several variations regarding height and length. Seating faces the stage area.
Stage equipment Suspension points in the room:
A system of rails for 10 chain point hoists is located above the closed ceiling. The hoists are suspended through grommets. Chain hoists as defined in VBG 70/BGV C1 (for use above audiences) can be used independently of one another. Technical specifications: Max. load: 500 kg.

Suspension points on the stage:
There are 4 machine hoists and 4 skylight hoists, each with a maximum capacity of 500 kg, above the stage. There are two additional hoists (500 kg/hoist) above the forestage area. They can also be used when the room is partitioned.
Lighting General lighting system: the room is equipped with downlights and fluorescent lamps. A stage-lighting system with a variety of lights (e.g. Frensel-lens and profile spotlights) is used to light the stage. The following lighting positions are equipped with dimmable connections:
  • 4 skylight hoists (stage)
  • 2 lighting hoists (room)
  • 1 lighting bridge (room)
  • Lighting stands on the left and right sides of the room and on the control booths at the back wall of the room
The room has two DMX 512 lines. Additional dimmers and moving lights or multifunctional spotlights can be added if necessary.
Media equipment Room 13 (both sections 13a and 13b) features one digital 32-channel and one digital 16-channel mixing console each, plus an L-Acoustics sound system.

  • CD player
  • 12-channel UHF microphone system
  • Digital interpretation system
  • Audio and video cross connections into other halls and rooms possible
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