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Details room 14a and room 14c

Rooms / areas Space in m² Max. height in m Max. height in m Theater Theater Classroom Classroom Banquet Banquet
Rooms / areas Rooms 14a and 14c Space in m² 450 Max. height in m 9.50 Theater 464 Classroom 220 Banquet 240

The two rooms 14a and 14c, each with 450 square meters, offer a capacity of 464 theater style seats, 220 classroom-style seats and 240 seats in banquet format. Both rooms receive natural light through skylights and can be completely darkened. These rooms offer ideal conditions for presentations, meetings or conferences with up to 464 guests.

Location First floor
  • Deliveries via two elevators (width 3.20 m, length 6.10 m, max. 4,000 kg) next to stage
  • Elevators loaded at ground level (behind Hall B0) and lower level (tunnel)
  • Elevators stop at room level and stage level
Suitable for Lecture events, presentations, meetings, conferences
Size / capacity 450 m² each; each room seat 464 people in theater seating, 220 people with classroom seating, 240 people with banquet seating
Special features
  • Room height: 9.50 m
  • Room color: Traffic blue (RAL 5017)
  • Daylight through 6 skylights that can be completely darkened
  • No fixed stage
  • Permissible floor load: 500 kg/m² (5 kN/m²)
Overhead machinery Chain hoists:
500 kg/hoist (nach BGV C1), can be fixed to a series of rails above the ceiling. The chains are lowered into the room through grommets.

1 Lighting bridge per room:
  • Installed in skylight
  • Max. traverse: approx. 12 m, memory function to save positions
  • Working load: 250 kg/m²
Screens / projection One retractable screen with a visible projection area of 8.00 m x 9.60 m per room. Upon request, additional portable screens in various sizes (4.80 m x 6.20 m, 3.00 m x 4.00 m for front and rear projection) are also available.
Control booths Audio control booth in Room 14a and lighting control booth in Room 14c. Depending on technical requirements, the control booth in each room can be controlled from the other control booth, or a mobile control panel can be installed.
Media equipment Depending on the room version, the partial rooms 14a, 14b and 14c can be outfitted with media technology and equipped with a L-Acoustics PA / sound system.

  • Audio and video cross-connections into other halls and rooms possible.
Lighting The room is equipped with a dimmable general lighting system with halogen downlights and LEDs. The stage lighting system is equipped with 2-kW and 5-kW dimmers. A variety of lamps (e.g. Frensel-lens and PAR spotlights) are available.

Multi-functional spotlights and portable dimmers can be controlled from the existing DMX network.

A Grand MA 2 (upon request, a Grand MA 2 Light is available as a backup console) is available as a lighting console. The room features two permanently installed DMX512 universes.

Appropriate sockets are available at all important lighting positions. If necessary, network nodes (MA Lighting 4-Port-Node) can be used to expand the channel capacity.

Permanent spotlight locations:
  • 1 lighting bridge (room)
  • 2 lighting stands on interpreter and control booths (room)
Power supply
  • Additional electrical outlets are available at all lighting positions for additional dimmers and moving lights
  • Connected load: max. 125A each
  • Type of connection: open circuit, 125A CEE coupling
  • Distributed to 63A CEE and 32A CEE
  • Additional electrical connections can be provided upon request
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