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Rooms / Areas Space in m² Max. height in m Max. height in m Theatre Theatre Classroom Classroom Banquet Banquet
Rooms / Areas Hall C1 Space in m² 10,000 Max. height in m 10,75 Theatre Classroom Banquet

Hall C1 of Messe München is directly linked to the ICM – International Congress Center Messe München by a glazed Expressway on the 1st floor. As one of the largest column-free meeting halls in Germany, Hall C1 has an impressive 10.000 square meter. It allows you to stage events for up to 9.000 people. It features three stage areas for flexible stage design and a deluge sprinkler system, so it sets international standards for large-scale events such as television and media production involving large audiences. The first floor has furnished production offices with state-of-the-art communication equipment and performer dressing rooms.

Hall C1

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Ground floor
Ground floor Location
  • Direct connection to ICM via ExpressWay on the 1st floor
  • Access via West Parking Garage
  • Deliveries via Gate 21
  • Hall C1 situated in front of exhibition halls C2 - C4
Ground floor Suitable for Large-scale events, media conventions, events, TV productions, exhibits, etc.
Ground floor Size / capacity 10,000 m², 9,000 people
Ground floor Special features
  • Length 143 m, width 71 m
  • Gross exhibition space: ca. 10,000 m²
  • 3 performance areas for stage-based events with deluge sprinkler system
  • Can be separated visually at two locations using fiber-glass curtains
  • Hall can be completely darkened
  • Cloakrooms on northwest side (ground floor and 1st floor)
  • Cubes indicating hall number removable
  • Floors: Poured asphalt
  • Clearance height of longitudinal wall: 5.72 m (end of hall between entrances)
  • Clearance height of hall girder supports: 10.75 m (along sides of hall)
  • Clearance height of tie: 11.55 m (center of hall)
Ground floor Structural details
  • Permissible floor load: 5 t/m² (50 kN/m²)
  • Permissible point load 30 cm x 30 cm: 10 t (100 kN), does not apply to utility duct covers
  • Permissible vertical load at each suspension point: 100 kg (eye bolt)
  • Entrance gates w/ vehicle access: 8 gates 5 m wide x 5 m deep
  • Entrance gates no vehicle access: 2 gates 3 m wide x 5 m deep
Ground floor Utilities
  • Lighting: daylight, can be completely darkened, 350 Lux/m²
  • Ventilation system: partially air-conditioned
  • Utility connections: via utility ducts that transverse the hall, two additional utility ducts run length of hall
Ground floor Connections
  • Water: DN 25/3.5 bar
  • Waste water: DN 100
  • Sprinklers: DN 50
  • Compressed air: DN 50/10 bar
  • Gas: DN 25/20 mbar
Ground floor Electricity
  • CEE or open terminal; utility ducts or catwalks
  • System telecom connections: Tel./fax analog
  • External telecom connections: ISDN, T-DSL 1000/2000
  • Network: Ethernet/RJ-45 static IP
  • Cable TV connections: available
Ground floor Access to hall Vehicles can drive around the entire hall. Vehicle clearance on the south side of the hall (facing Hall B1) is 7.65 m wide and 4.75 m high. The road can be blocked by gates measuring 7.65 m wide and 5 m high at both the east and the west ends of the road. Four gates measuring 5 m wide and 5 m high that may be used for vehicle access and 1 gate measuring 3 m wide and 5 m high that is not for vehicle access are located every 25 meters along the long sides of Hall C1. The hall is connected directly to the ICM by the Expressway and to halls C2 and B1 by two passageways to each hall. There is also a covered 6-m-high passageway that leads to the parking garage.
Ground floor Maximum floor load Forklifts with a total permissible weight of 14 t may be used. The hall has a maximum truck weight rating of SLW 600 (60t).
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