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Rooms / areas Space in m² Max.height in m Max.height in m Theater Theater Classroom Classroom Banquet Banquet
Rooms / areas Room 1—Auditorium Space in m² 1,300 Max.height in m 13.00 Theater 1,430 Classroom 746 Banquet

Room 1 with an auditorium with ascending rows of seats and a large-scale stage area of 277 square meters is ideal for on-stage events such as conventions, opening ceremonies and fashion shows. Hall 1 seats up to 1,430 people. Every other row of seats can be converted into tables, creating classroom seating for up to 746 people. The stage is adjustable in height, can be extended with a catwalk. The full-sized cinema-quality projection screen measures 14 x 15 m.

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Room 1—Auditorium

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Ground floor
  • Stage-equipment deliveries via backstage entrance
  • 112 m² of storage space backstage
  • Loading ramp: + 100 cm high
  • Outer gate: 5 meters high, 9 meters wide
  • Stage door: 5 meters high, 6 meters wide
Suitable for Stage-oriented events, conventions, opening ceremonies, fashion shows etc.
Size / capacity
  • 1,300 m², seating for 1,430 people in theater seating or 746 people with classroom seating
  • Permanently installed sloped rows of seats
  • Catering in room not possible
  • Performer dressing rooms: 1 x group dressing rooms, 1 x private dressing rooms
Special features Permissible floor load: 500 kg/m² (5 kN/m²)
Seating The auditorium is equipped with seats (model: "Birmingham") manufactured by the FIGUERAS company in Barcelona. The flat section of the seating area is removable. It can also be rotated by 90° to make room for a runway. Every other row of seats can be folded down and transformed into tables, changing the configuration of the room to classroom seating within just a few minutes. The room also features 16 easily accessible wheelchair spaces, which can also be used as camera positions.
Stage The room features a central stage ("large stage" as defined by "MStättVO" - German technical guidelines for public venues) with a protective curtain made of fiberglass fabric. The stage is equipped with 9 rising platforms and 2 forestage platforms. The 9 rising platforms can be adjusted from 0.00 m to +2.00 m (0.00 = room level). Forestage platform 1 is a two-story platform and can be adjusted from 0.00 m to +1.00 m. Forestage platform 2 is normally kept at room level. However, if the sets that are installed there are removed, it can be raised to stage level (+1.00 m) or lowered by up to -1.80 m. In this case, it can be used together with forestage platform 1 to create an orchestra pit. The platforms move at a speed of 2.5 cm/s.
Stage dimensions
  • Width: max. 20.70 m, min: 18.0 m
  • Depth: stage 6.50 m, backstage 5.10 m, forestage 1.90 m
  • Platform height: 1.00 m
  • Stage clearance height: hoists in highest position 18.3 m, beneath lighting bridge 15.50 m, backstage 7.80 m
Stage opening
  • The layout of the proscenium can be changed using 2 proscenium towers and a proscenium arch.
  • Maximum stage opening: width: 20.20 m, height 10.50 m
  • Minimum stage opening: width 14.20 m, height 4.50 m
  • Front edge of stage curved: radius: 85.35 m
  • Max. floor load: 500 kg/m² static, 250 kg/m² dynamic (forestage platform 1 only 250 kg/m² static and dynamic)
  • Protective curtain: Fiber-glass fabric, silver/grey
  • Performance curtain: Traveler curtain (opens to the sides), stage velour in room color
  • Various legs and borders made of black stage velour are also available
Overhead machinery All flying bars are made of 60 mm round piping. The hoists have stepless speed control and operate at between 0 and 0.8 m/s (exception: backstage hoists). All overhead machinery is controlled using a Guddland CAT system, which allows the operator to store positions and to program group movements synchronized with regard to time and/or route.

  • 16 machine hoists: max. load 500 kg per flying bar, length of flying bar: 16 m (+ 1 m extensions on both sides)
  • 1 skylight hoist: max. load 500 kg, length 16 m
  • 4 panorama hoists: max. load 500 kg pro flying bar, length 3.70 m
  • 8 point hoists on stage: max. load 500 kg per hoist (can be positioned in entire stage area except backstage)
  • 6 point hoists in room: max. load 500 kg pro hoist, positioned through 20 grommets
  • 6 machine hoists backstage, 2 panorama hoists backstage
Screen A screen (max. 14 x 15 m) is installed on a truss. The truss can be positioned at any depth on stage. Note: All flying bars can not be used when using the screen.
Lighting The room is equipped with a dimmable general lighting system with halogen downlights and fluorescent lamps. The stage lighting system is equipped with 2-kW and 5-kW dimmers. A variety of lamps can be used (e.g. Frensel-lens, profile and PAR spotlights).Multifunctional spot lights and portable dimmers can be controlled using the existing DMX network. A Grand MA 2 Light is available as a lighting console (upon request, with a Grand MA 2 Light as a backup console). The room also has two permanently installed DMX512 lines. Appropriate sockets are available at all important lighting positions. If necessary, the number of DMX universes can be increased by adding network nodes (MA Lighting 4-Port-Node).
Permanent spotlight locations
  • Auditorium bridge 1 (room)
  • Auditorium bridge 2 (room)
  • Spotlight stands left and right (room)
  • Proscenium arch (stage)
  • Proscenium towers left and right (stage)
  • Lighting galleries left and right (stage)
  • Lighting bridge (stage)
Power supply All lighting positions have electrical outlets for additional dimmers and moving lights. Two junction boxes are installed on the back wall of the stage for tour productions. Total connected load: max. 125A each, Connection type: open circuit, 125A CEE coupling, distributed to 63A CEE and 32A CEE. Additional electrical connections can be provided upon request.
Media equipment Room 1 is equipped with a 32-channel digital mixing console and a JBL sound system.

  • CD, CF, MD player / recorder
  • 12-channel UHF microphone system
  • Digital interpretation system
  • Intercom
  • A line source array can be installed if required
  • Audio and video cross-connections into other halls and rooms possible
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