Hall 4 | MOC Veranstaltungscenter München

Rooms / areas Space in m² Theatre Theatre Classroom Classroom Banquet Banquet
Rooms / areas Hall 4 Space in m² 4,165 Theatre 1,800 Classroom 700 Banquet 2,160

Hall 4 offers natural light and, due to its location and separate foyer, can be used as an isolated event space. Conference rooms 3 and 4 are located close by and easy to reach. Comfortable planning: our halls offer covered delivery zones for a smooth, rapid set-up and dismantling of your event.

Panoramic view of the hall 4

Hall 4

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Technical Data

Size Total floor area 4,165 m²
Room height
  • 4.40 m clearance
  • 4.00 m usable height
  • up to 2.50 m high
  • Chipboard with wood frame substructure
Supporting structure
  • Steel composite structure
  • 12 m x 12 m column grid
Load capacity
  • 1.5 t/m²
  • 18 t truck weight permitted
  • 7.5 t forklift weight permitted
  • Only electric forklifts (exclusively through our authorized service partners)
Floors & utility ducts
  • Mastic asphalt floor cover
  • Utility ducts for water, sewage and electrical provisions spaced at 12 x 6 m grid
Electrical installation
  • Power supply approx. 230/400 volts, 50 Hz (50 watts/m²)
  • Connection via utility ducts
Communication Ceiling connections for:
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • IP connections
  • W-LAN for organizers
Indoor climate Ventilation system for cooling and heating
Lighting 350 Lux
Public address / sound system
  • For announcements
  • Can be isolated to specific areas
Water connection
  • Water supply 1"
  • Drainage NW 100 via utility ducts spaced at 6 m x 12 m
Sanitary Facilities
  • WC areas in each hall and in foyers, with separate facilities for handicapped