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The History of Messe München

From Munich's Theresienhöhe to Riem and Shanghai in just five decades

The history of Messe München is an impressive story in the sector for trade fairs and exhibitions. In just five decades, the company managed to evolve from a local marketplace and trade center to an internationally recognized, globally active trade-fair corporation.


The beginnings of Messe München reach back to a period of rapid development in Munich—the Sixties. It was characterized by a general atmosphere of economic upswing that also consumed Munich. It was the age of the economic miracle. Trade shows were increasing in significance at an unprecedented rate. Demand for industrial and commercial products at the national and international level was growing in leaps and bounds. The next reasonable step—and one that was vital for Munich—was to establish a perfectly functioning trade-fair industry.

April 1, 1964: Münchner Messe- und Ausstellungsgesellschaft (MMG) is founded, establishing the basis for a professional trade-fair industry in Munich. Its shareholders are the City of Munich, the State of Bavaria, the Chamber of Industry and Trade of Munich and Upper Bavaria and the Chamber of Trade and Crafts.


Today, five decades later, Messe München is an internationally recognized, globally active trade-fair corporation. It organizes more than 50 of its own trade shows at Messe München (earlier: Neue Messe München) as well as in China, India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Nigeria, Vietnam and Iran. With a network of associated companies in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America, and around 70 representatives actively serving over 100 countries, Messe München today has a global presence.

For Munich, the trade-fair corporation is now a driving economic force. According to a study conducted by the ifo Institute for Economic Research (2020), Messe München's activities at its Munich venues secure 27,294 jobs, 16,361 of which are in the Bavarian capital, and 6,281 of which are in the rest of Bavaria. Each year, exhibitors and visitors who participate in Messe München events generate total nationwide sales of EUR 3.3 billion and generate tax revenues totaling EUR 646 million.

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The whole story

The company has experienced several exciting milestones between then and now: