Connect Women

Networking is the core business of Messe München. At our trade fairs, we not only connect supply and demand, companies and science, business and politics, but most of all people and their ideas.

In the fall of 2015, Monika Dech, Deputy Managing Director of Messe München, and Margit Dittrich, President of the consulting firm Personalmanufaktur, launched the "Connect Women" initiative. The initiative connects the contacts and customers of Messe München and their respective, personal networks, and creates a platform for women from all venues of business and society to network across different disciplines and to reinforce each other.

Women Connect

The members of "Connect Women" are executives at top management level and women entrepreneurs from the commercial, political, scientific, media and cultural sectors. A great variety of industries, skills and experiences in a balanced ratio are meeting face to face. This blend is the added value of the network, which you can join only by personal invitation.

There are still too few such networks, in which women in leadership positions can exchange views on a wide range of themes and cross-industry issues on an equal footing. Every day, new ideas and possibilities of cooperation are presented to us, which further emphasizes the relevance of the topic.

Connect Women

This has encouraged us to continue driving our idea forward. We want to learn from each other, strengthen and inspire each other, to think outside the box of our respective sectors, and to network across different topics. Supporting each other and not forgetting the fun and enjoying each other’s company, that is our endeavor. Our Connect Women website features—besides a Members Only area—also information on dates and activities as well as news on the subject of women in management positions.