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Current CSR Initiatives

With specific measures and projects, we take our responsibility towards the environment, our employees and society seriously. Because we are convinced that responsible action is essential for our corporate success now and in the future.

Social Distancing

#SocialDistancing—(Physical) Separation in Fight Against Corona

The health of its employees, exhibitors and visitors is a top priority for Messe München. In order to protect them and prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, all staff of Messe München and its affiliated companies IMAG and MEPLAN have been working from their home office since Tuesday, March 17, 2020, until further notice. By participating in the global "social distancing" campaign, Messe München is underscoring its commitment to health protection and publicly advocates keeping a distances in times of the pandemic.

"Social distancing" stands for spatial separation or physical distancing, intended to stop or slow down the spread of the virus. Politicians and scientists alike continually stress the importance of social distancing in order to contain the coronavirus.

Many of the world's largest companies, such as VW, Coca Cola, Audi or Mastercard, are taking part in the campaign and are affirming their commitment to it on the Internet or social media. Also Messe München is aware of its responsibility. As one of the leading international trade fair organizers, it has great presence and impact worldwide and is dedicated to support the "social distancing" campaign with great conviction.

The world needs companies that take a stance and speak out
Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO, Messe München GmbH

Employees & Social

Employees & Social

We are committed to the well-being of our employees. Sustainable management also means being able to rely on the know-how of long-serving employees and their satisfaction. The dedication and passion of our colleagues shape our business. That is why we at Messe München offer numerous social benefits.

In response to changing social life models, Messe München offers, among other things, flexible work time schemes. And in our own health studio, employees can take advantage of free half-hour fitness classes. A healthy working environment is also based on a value system that relies on good cooperation. The value system of Messe München banks on innovation, commitment, team spirit, responsibility and trust.

Klaus Dittrich

Sustainable exhibition grounds

Messe München has defined a catalog of measures that sets out how we can structurally and logistically meet our sustainable standards. As one of the earliest measures, the company installed a photovoltaic system on the roofs of the exhibition halls, which is one of the world's largest photovoltaic roof systems. By using solar energy, Messe München can save the emission of around 1,600 tons of carbon dioxide every year. The new halls C5 and C6 are supplied exclusively by district heating, which is sourced from geothermal energy.

We have created open spaces, including even some of our hall roofs, as natural, ecological areas. As another endeavor initiated in 2019, around 400,000 honey bees have found their home on the Riem exhibition grounds. On its own terrains alone, the company enables the bees to collect their raw materials from an area the size of around 40 football fields.

Green power and e-mobility

Green power and e-mobility

At Messe München, we rethink mobility: Exhibitors and visitors may refuel at the Munich Exhibition Center free of charge. And wherever possible, Messe München is increasingly using e-powered vehicles in its fleet. Starting in 2020, Messe München, will be converting to purely renewable electricity. It is thus taking a further step in the direction of climate-neutral action. The green electricity generated will supply 50 charging stations for electric vehicles at the Messe München parking lot. By completely switching to electricity generated from renewable sources, Messe München is saving around 6,400 tonnes of CO² a year.

“Connect Women” initiative

Network: Providing effective support together

Things are easier done together. With the “ Connect Women” initiative, Messe München created a platform for women to network across different sectors and strengthen each other. The members of the network are women executives at top management level and entrepreneurs from the areas of business, politics, science, media and culture, reflecting a balanced mix of different topics and experiences. The initiative also supports the social commitment of Messe München with various activities. Together with the Käfer Foundation and the Müchner Bank, it started the “Sports connect people” project. “Connect Women” thus made it possible for socially disadvantaged people to attend a match of FC Bayern München as VIP guest at the stadium, enjoying a great live experience. The platform for women also put down a marker in the fight against breast cancer in a joint effort with a number of Munich businesses. In a spectacular and colorful action in October, five prominent Munich buildings were bathed in pink light, including the Messe München facilities at its Riem location.

Promoting dialogue on sustainability with industry focus

Promoting dialogue on sustainability with industry focus

Messe München's portfolio includes numerous trade fairs which per se have a strong focus on sustainability topics. Thanks to their international presence, they contribute to the cross-sector exchange of information and knowledge worldwide. Examples of this are ISPO Munich, the largest trade fair for sports business, IFAT, our world-leading trade show for environmental technologies, transport logistic, trade fair for logistics, mobility and supply chain management, or EXPO REAL, the real estate show with increasing focus on sustainable real estate and urban development. With a “Code of Conduct”, the past OutDoor by ISPO focused on the topic of sustainability. With our leading international trade fairs, which the company exports as spin-offs from Munich into growth markets such as Brazil, China, India or South Africa, we also address relevant topics that are crucial for the sustainable economic and social development of those countries. IFAT Eurasia, for example, has already developed into the most important environmental platform in the Eurasian region, promoting the implementation of green technologies. One goal of the reforestation project of the IFAT Eurasia environmental technology show is to set an example for climate protection. A total of 4,000 trees have been planted in the province of Balikesir in western Turkey since mid-February 2017. The IFAT Eurasia Memorial Forest covers 4.5 hectares of land.

Solidarity with Italy

Solidarity with Italy: Messe München donates to Corona victim

Italy is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus worldwide and urgently needs help. Messe München is donating an amount of 10,000 euros to help the country overcome the Corona crisis and in particular to strengthen the health system.

The donation initiative was launched by the Italian Chamber of Commerce, the Italian Consulate General from Munich, HypoVereinsbank and Caritas. The aim is to support Italy in the procurement of medical devices and necessary equipment.

“It is particularly important right now to support our Italian neighbors in the crisis and to express our solidarity and loyalty,” said Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München.

Please find more information about the donation initiative here.

The Burning River

Social Initiative

Messe München supports social and cultural initiatives that are setting an example with their sustainable and responsible action. The thought-provoking art project "The Burning River", which took place in March 2020 as part of the Munich Creative Business Week, connected people and their passions around the globe with each other. The spectacular light installation flooded the Isar River with a blazing golden-yellow light, projecting hundreds of personal messages in all national languages onto the walls of the riverbank.

Likewise, Messe München too brings people together from all over the world: True to the brand slogan "Connecting Global Competence", our events are state-of-the-art platforms for dialogue across all industry sectors.

Our goals

Our goals

Economic action directs our daily lives, but ecological and social action determine our future. This motto guides our activities. Messe München is pursuing a holistic approach to corporate social responsibility, whereby three areas are particularly important to us: First, we examine where we can conserve resources. This begins, for example, with the meaningful secondary use or recycling of our computers. Secondly, our goal remains to apply our reach to strengthen responsible action in society. Especially with our major international trade fairs, we are able to promote the dialogue on sustainability issues. Backing sustainability efforts on a global scale is our third goal.

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