Final report

Lighthouse for bright future: analytica China 2020 concludes successfully

November 23, 2020

  • Records in exhibitor area and exhibitor number
  • More than 1,000 new products point to future trends
  • Two new exhibition sectors lead to smarter laboratories

analytica China 2020 came to a successful conclusion on November 18, 2020 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The show brought together 1,009 exhibitors (2018: 950) and 112 represented companies and partners. 23,652 professional visitors attended. With six exhibition halls, eight special areas, and a total space of over 60,000 square meters (2018: 46,000 sqm), analytica China 2020 presented more than 1,000 new instruments and equipment, innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions. The highlight of the show, the 2,000-square-meter Live Lab and Clinical Lab, attracted numerous professional visitors. Professional lectures and high-quality seminars offered insights into industry hot topics and attracted 3,447 professional audiences from different fields.

Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Vice President of Messe Muenchen, was very excited about analytica China 2020: “analytica China is a sign of a new impulse after the crisis. Standing at this crucial intersection of crisis and opportunities, the trade fair offers an upgraded trade platform that facilitates learning, communication and information exchange, with a focus on innovative products, cutting-edge technology and future development trends in China and abroad. The great success of analytica China in these challenging times is a significant ray of hope for all international analytica trade fairs.”

Mr. Stephen Lu, the COO of Messe Muenchen Shanghai, was optimistic in his interview: “The show this year has again made new breakthroughs. First of all, the number of exhibitors has increased. Secondly, analytica China has further expanded the range of exhibits. Thirdly, with an open attitude, analytica China has continued to cooperate with professional organizations in various industries to jointly explore and share resources, achieving win-win results.”

As the tenth edition of analytica China, the show this year also marks the 19th year the brand has entered the Chinese market. A large number of well-known Chinese and foreign companies identify with the unique concept, professional organization and strong industry influence of analytica China. Many companies regard analytica China as an ideal platform for new product releases, making it an important impetus for the sustainable development of the industry. The show this year again features new flagship products from major companies.

Steve Vermant, the Managing Director of Merck Life Sciences China and Vice President of Merck Research Solutions, enjoyed the show: “analytica China is a very important show, and we meet here every two years. At the show, we can not only display our new products, but also learn about related fields, including laboratories and testing instruments. The year 2020 is very challenging, but there are still many visitors and exhibitors at the show, showing the strong resilience of this industry. I enjoy this show very much and hope it will be a complete success.”

“We think the show is particularly suitable for us, especially for learning from and communicating with other industries. As the Covid-19 epidemic is going on, it is very valuable that we have so many visitors. I hope analytica China will be able to do better and to attract more high-quality customers,” Biao Wang, Marketing Director of Illumina (Greater China) commented.

New hall layout for lean management and digital upgrade

Apart from the six well-received exhibitions areas (Life Sciences, Diagnostics and Biotechnology; Analysis; Quality Control; General Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Construction and Safety; Food Safety Equipment and Technology; Environmental Protection Equipment and Technology), analytica China 2020 included two new areas for the first time: the Laboratory Automation and Informatization area and the Core Laboratory Equipment Parts and Components area, bringing together innovative laboratory products and R&D technical solutions that lead to smarter laboratories.

Live Lab launched again for future lab planning and construction

Over 2,000 square meters of Live Lab is set up at analytica China 2020. WALDNER, Suzhou Daxpro and Shanghai UFU built a 750 square-meter Life Science laboratory which, in consideration of different user needs and following advanced design concepts, is divided into three independent Live Labs targeting at specific industries: Smart QC, Innovative Drug Development (CAR-T), and Biochemical Testing. With its successful experience of P3 and P4 laboratories construction for many years, Wuhan Kebei Technology Co., Ltd. built a high-level Biosafety Live Lab and gave talks on P3 laboratory construction and operations. Shanghai Hanguang brought a modern 5G-supported Smart Live Lab that shows its actual application scenarios. The Live Lab area is divided into two sections: the offline simulation laboratory and the online demonstration. The Flexible Laboratory, built as a real laboratory, showcased what future labs will be like, e.g. how higher efficiency and innovation will be possible. The online exhibition consists of two platforms: the intelligent management platform and the cloud VR virtual laboratory. With the theme of "Hand in hand with Labflex to help the industry transform and upgrade", Shanghai Nori built the High-Tech Innovation Laboratory, and for the first time exhibited its stylishly-designed ergonomic, safe and modular fume hoods and laboratory benches that are produced in line with the most stringent Nordic standards.

Clinical Lab for Covid-19

In order to provide more accurate and effective solutions to users in the life sciences and clinical diagnosis industries, analytica China 2020 has set up a special Clinical Lab of more than 600 square meters in Hall E7. Three major theme areas covered: Clinical Tumor Treatment and Transformation, Clinical Diagnosis and Research of Covid-19, and New Drug and Vaccine Development. High-quality Chinese and foreign companies such as MGI, Roche Diagnostics, Bio-Rad, PerkinElmer, QIAGEN and Illumina have brought innovative products and technologies that demonstrate the cutting-edge solutions in life sciences and diagnostics. Highlights such as the Illumina 2-Gen Sequencing Space, the Huoyan Air Dome Laboratory, the Mobile Cabin Biosafety Laboratory, the Integrated Nucleic Acid Testing Laboratory, the Cruise Monitoring Vehicle and the Container Plant Factory are presented in a real-scenario space that offers immersive experience for the visitors to learn about these innovative life science and diagnosis products and applications.

Supporting programs feature in-depth knowledge

Nearly 200 academic lectures were given along with the exhibition, featuring discussion on the frontier development of laboratories, new life science technologies, clinical diagnosis, food safety, environmental monitoring and testing, chemistry and chemical engineering, and biomedicine. Many well-known experts and researchers presented the forums and gave insightful lectures. A total of 3,447 on-site audiences attended the forums, and gave favourable comments. These forums were held with strict safety measures: distanced seating and mask-wearing throughout the conference ensured the safety of the audience.

The labtech China Congress 2020 is committed to the overall development of the laboratory planning, construction, management and services in China. The conference focuses on the harmonious relationship between people and laboratories, and promotes lab safety, intelligence and sustainable development. About 75 experts and 1,723 on-site audiences attended this grand conference.

analytica China 2022 will be held on November 14–16, 2022 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. More information on the new format is available soon at