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Messe München to restart its trade-fair business with a focus on innovation and integrate Corporate Marketing & Communications into its Strategy division

June 24, 2021

  • Dr. Holger Feist, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), will set up a new innovation unit, add the leadership of Corporate Marketing & Communications (MarCom) to his portfolio and serve as the Chief Spokesman of Messe München
  • Aleksandra Solda-Zaccaro, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer (CMCO), has successfully completed the transformation of MarCom and will now serve as the Chief Spokeswoman for IAA MOBILITY at Messe München

Messe München is restructuring its corporate communications organization as it reopens its trade-fair business in Bavaria

The internal restructuring will integrate corporate communications even more closely into the company’s strategy. Before the restructuring was initiated, Dr. Holger Feist, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), oversaw company growth, organization, controlling, market research and business development. He is now adding the development of an innovation unit and the Central Division of Corporate Marketing & Communications to his areas of responsibility. Feist, who also serves as Chairman of Marketing Committee of the global association of the exhibition industry UFI, will become the company’s Chief Spokesman as well. Klaus Dittrich, the Chairman and CEO of Messe München, said: “Strategy, branding and communication will walk hand in hand in our new integrated corporate structure. The strict and efficient development and adaption will increase our speed because decisions can be made agilely and flexibly at any time within a single central division. Holger Feist has an extensive amount of experience in all areas. He has clearly made his mark on our company strategy.”

Aleksandra Solda-Zaccaro joined the company in 2018 after working at an agency, for the purpose of transforming the Central Division of Marketing & Communications in a two-year project that she has now brought to a successful conclusion. The result of her work is a viable, interdisciplinary, digitally and globally performing division that removes the barrier in market communications and focuses systematically on the customer journey. Klaus Dittrich said: “The importance of the marketing of events like trade fairs, congresses, digital events and press conferences has never been as clear as it has been during these times of crisis where every investment in monetary and time budgets must be newly decided each time. The transformation of the MarCom Central Division was the main requirement for efficient and successful market communications.” Solda-Zaccaro will now serve as the Chief Spokeswoman for IAA MOBILITY at Messe München.

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